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Marketing and Growth

Marketing your gym and increasing membership sales is easier with our comprehensive marketing and prospect management tools, including our effective referral programs and integrated campaign manager platform with industry-leading features. With our end-to-end digital joining solutions, we have the tools your business needs to grow.

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Digital Joining Solutions

Optimize member acquisition by offering people more ways to join your gym.

Make it easy for prospects to join your club from wherever they are with the app’s integrated digital signature and sign-up process. The app features built-in member conversion tools so you can provide free guest trials too.

Members can also join from your website with our online joining widget, which you can brand to blend seamlessly into the design of your website.

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Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager allows you to market your club quickly and easily — through a variety of channels — to both prospects and current members. You can send one-off campaigns via email and SMS or automate promotional messages or updates via mobile push notifications. Include pictures and logos, add links, and tailor your campaign to target specific audiences using data-driven segmentation.

Our SMS solution allows you to receive replies directly into your task list to build a powerful communication stream between you and your members.

clubwise, management, direct debit, debit collection, direct debit collection, Membership Management

clubwise, management, direct debit, debit collection, direct debit collection, Membership Management

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Automated Communications

Deliver a personalized experience with maximum impact by scheduling automated tailored emails, text messages, and calls at key stages in the member journey – or based on member behavior. Our CRM offers the perfect way to onboard new club members, re-engage existing members who may have stopped coming in, share promotions, and more.


Referral Incentive Program

Our unique Member Rewards program incentivizes your members with a reduction in their monthly membership fees for every new member they introduce. You set the reduction that your member will receive from their monthly fee, and this will remain in place for as long as the member they refer stays at your club.

To further incentivize referrals, your members can earn points through our In-App Rewards Loyalty Program, which can be exchanged for exciting rewards.

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Prospect Management

The ClubWise Prospect Management tool manages the crucial data you gather about your prospects. Using our CRM and Task List features, you can nurture a prospect’s interest and sign more members by ensuring communications are regularly scheduled and sent.

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Mobile Data Capture

The ClubWise Staff App makes prospect capture a breeze by allowing you to upload your prospect information from wherever you are — with no need for a Wi-Fi connection. Prospect data is stored and listed on your device and syncs to ClubWise as soon as you connect to Wi-Fi or mobile roaming data. This delivers your team more flexibility and helps you maximize outreach efforts.

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